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Henry County History 1883

a transcription from "History of Henry & St. Clair Counties, Missouri" 1883, National Historical Company
The biographies contained in this book can be found indexed in the

Chapter 1 – The Valleys of the Osage and Grand Rivers
Geological Formation, Two Ancient Misses (Poem), Home of the Indians, The Pioneer, Surface, 1830-1831, From 1820-1830 Lillard or Lafayette County, Davis and Blackwater, Davis Township, Tebo Township, Jackson and Clay, The First Cabin, 1831, The First Plowing, 1832, He Was Born There

Chapter 2 – When They Came and From Where They Came
From 1830-1840, The First Marriage, Wolves, 1833, 1834, 1835-1840, A Slight Retrospect, Trials and Tribulations, Cabins and Comforts, Pioneer Life, Their Homes and Clothing, Market Prices, Slightly Progressive

Chapter 3 – Early Election and Events – Pioneers and Poetry
Election “Eighteen Forty”, The Presidential Campaign, A Change, A Quiet Life, Women Pioneers - Her Trials Her Fortitude, Names of the Early Pioneers, Old Settler’s Poem

Chapter 4 – Mexican War and the Land of Gold – Death and Lucre
Mexican War, Their Return, The Land of Gold, They Crossed the Dark River, Gold Fever in Henry, Some Facts, Legal Documents – Marriage Certificates, First Will, Trust Deed Widow’s Dower and Distribution of Slaves, An Orphan Cared For

Chapter 5 – When Rives Became a County
Organization, Rives County, Election of Township Officers, Death of Joseph Fields, Courthouse Appropriation, Removal of the County Seat, The County Seat

Chapter 6 – Rives Disgraced and Henry Crowned – Let Us Have A Lawsuit
Failed to Materialize, Cedar Township, More Township – Salary, St. Clair and Henry, An Act to Change the Name of Rives County, Dramshops, Proposing a Suit, Valuation-Election, Half Sheet of Foolscap, The First Bridge, Items, No Probate Court, Progress

Chapter 7 – Jails – Election – Finances – Townships
A Needed Institution, Financial and Otherwise, Resolution of Thanks, Election August 1858, Items, The Receipts of Henry County, Township Boundaries, The Great Change, Financial Depression, The Financial Exhibits, Items

Chapter 8 – Investigation and Exoneration and More Taxation
Wanted an Investigation, The Examination, Registering Officers, The County Court, Taxes and Collections, County Expenditures, The Repeal, Taxes of 1878, A Sinking Fund, A Donation, Some Items

Chapter 9 – Financial Affairs – Railroad Assessment – County Valuation
The Tax Levy and Collections of 1879, 1880, The New County Jail, Can Pay Out, Material Wealth, 1860, 1870, 1871 and 1873, 1875 to 1881

Chapter 10 – Agricultural and Mineral Resources of Henry County
Introductory, Location, Timber, Agriculture, Grasses, Sheep, In 1865, Fruit, Vines and Vineyards, Stock, Shipments of 1877, The 1880 Census Crop, Assessor’s Returns January 1, 1883

Chapter 11 – Fruits and Berries – Grapes and Wines – Coal and Stone
Fruits and Berries, Iron and Stone, Agricultural Society, The First Move, The Spirit of Progress, Farmers Club, Henry County Medical Society, Its Third Year, The List of Members, Veterinary Club

Chapter 12 – Schools – Their Growth and Financial Exhibit
The Start – Log Cabin Schools, No Prairie Lands Wanted, State School Apportioned, Township Funds, The Figures, State School Money, The State

Chapter 13 – Murders, Assassinations and Robberies
Assassination of Scott D. King, The Execution of Patterson, The Closing Scene, A Brief History of the Crime, The Murdered Man, The Manner of His Rearrest, On the Brink He Steals a Watch, The Statement, The Murder of Mills, Assassination of James H. Edmondson, Rape and Judge Lynch, The Bullet’s Fatal Work

Chapter 14 – Satan Finds Work For Idle Hands To Do
The Hopkins Tragedy, Particulars of the Robbery of Lambert’s Store, Death of F. H. Rabine, Murder of James Harper By His Stepmother, The Shooting of Ezell, The Evidence, Marshal Hall’s Evidence, Dave McGee’s Evidence, Jury Verdict, Arrested

Chapter 15 – The County’s Servants – Elections of 1880 and 1882
County Judges, Commissioners, Superintendents, Special Claim Agents, Treasurers, Sheriffs, Collectors, Clerks, Recorders, Assessors, Inspector of Mines, Common Pleas Court, Probate Court, Public Administrators, Coroners, Surveyors, Managers, Attorneys, State Senators, Congressmen, First Grand Jury

Chapter 16 – Population, Devastation and Exultation
Population of Henry County, How It Has Advanced, The Grasshopper Plague, Meadow County, Swamp Lands, Poor Farm

Chapter 17 – Railroad History
Railroads, The First Start, $50,000 Pacific Subscription, Borrowing Money, Stopping Payment, $150,000 T&N, The Subscription, $250,000 Added, Clinton & Memphis Railroad, Clinton & Kansas City Railroad, The Protest, Another Protest

Chapter 18 – One Million Dollars Squandered
Railroad Bull and County Ox, Judge Gantt’s Appointment, The Closing Out, Report, He Bears Testimony, Exhibit C, A Tax Levy, Settlements, The Discontinued Bonds, What It Cost

Chapter 19 – Investigation – A Report – A Confession
How It Was Done, Some History, When the Rascality Started, Kansas City & Memphis Railroad, Memphis Railroad Again, Getting at the Marrow, One More Exposure, The Engineer’s Confession, A. D. Ladue Makes a Call, We Will Now Preceed to Make a Contract, Why I Did – Why I Didn’t

Chapter 20 – The Civil War
The Storm Cloud, 1861, When It Started, The Journal’s Comments, Union Meetings, The Result, The Federal Forces, Missouri State Militia, The Gray Predominates, The Heroes Who Died (Poem)

Chapter 21 – Clinton Township
A Sort of Combination, It’s Boundary, Area and Population, The Pioneers, New Arrivals, Progress and Transportation, Schools, Township Officers, 1873 New Organization Law

Chapter 22 – The “Model City” of the Prairies
City of Clinton – The Model Town, Where and When Located, Streets, Etc., Date of Entry, Deed of Town Lots, Hotels and Saloons, Boundary of the Town, The Iron Horse, Population, 1880 Financial and Election, Finances, Small Pox Scare, It’s Future

Chapter 23 – Schools – Churches – Lodges – Death of Garfield
Retrospect, The Franklin School, After Ten Years, The Lincoln School, Clinton Academy, Presbyterian Church, They Were Received, Cumberland Presbyterian Church – An Incident, M. E. church, Methodist Church South, First Baptist Church, Christian Church, Catholic, Colored, Lodges and Societies, K of P, IOOF, Knights Templar, Clinton Royal Arch, AF&AM, AOUW, Death of President Garfield

Chapter 24 – The Bar, Press, Banks and Business
The Early Bar, Clinton Bar, The Press, Who Owned them, Banks and Banking, The Business Interest of Clinton, The Directory of 1874, The Directory of 1883, Manufactures, Flour, Carriage and Wagon and Cigar, Items of Interest, An Interesting Chapter of biographies and Business, A Combination of Brains and Artistic Skill, Incidents and Accidents

Chapter 25 – Windsor Township
Within the Realms of Civilization, Its Area, First Settlers, Death by Lightning, Progress, Darkness to Light, Organization, Worth Remembering, Coal Fields, Big Coal Banks, Stone Quarries, Healing Waters, Transportation, An Old Landmark Gone, Tennessee Baker, The First Brick Residence in Henry County, Its destruction by Fire

Chapter 26 – City of Windsor
When it was Founded, By Whom, Naming the Town and Postoffice, A Few Years Later, In 1870, The Incorporation of Windsor Town, Election in 1873, Town Officials from Fourth Class, Election of Mayor and Aldermen, October 15, 1878, City Officers from 1878 to 1883, Financial, Churches, Laurel Oak Cemetery, Lodges and Societies, Postmasters of Windsor, Old Settlers Reunion and Picnic, Newspapers, Public School, Business Interests, Savings Bank, Manufactories, Items, General Notes, Bird’s Eye View

Chapter 27 – Deepwater Township
When Settled, Its Early Pioneers, Its Territory, Deepwater Organized, Arrivals, Postoffice, Germantown, When Settled, How It Grew, Its Population, Its Rank, Its Boundary Under the New Law, Its First Election of Officers, Who They Were, the City of Montrose, Its First Incorporation as a Town, The Fires of 1872 and 1875, After the Fire, Financial, Some Town Officers, How the Marshal Got Rich, City of Montrose, First Mayor, Churches, School and Lodges, Business, Shipping, William Tyree, the Old Pioneer

Chapter 28 – Tebo, Shawnee and Fields Creek Townships
Tebo, Historic, Pioneers of 1830 to 1835, The North Carolina Colony, Population and Boundary, The Old Settlers of Tebo, Calhoun, Bounded in 1836, Ambitious, Its First Settlers, Stores, Etc., Incorporation of Calhoun, The Great Fire, Handsome Location, Postmasters, Business, Professions, Shawnee, The Garden Spot of Henry County, About 1831, The Name, Shawnee Mound, Churches, School and Business, Huntingdale, When Founded, Present Business, The Churches of the Township, Lodges, Its Boundary, Fiends Creek, Its Metes and Bounds, Area in Acres, Its Streams, Prairies and Wood Lands, Early Pioneers, The First Store, One of the North Carolina Colony, Other Settlers, Churches, Schools and Societies, Its Population in 1880

Chapter 29 – Bogard, Big Creek, Honey Creek and White Oak Townships
Bogard, The Northwest, Organized 1857 and 1873, Asa Hendricks Its First Settler, Mrs. Mary Taylor, First Child Born in the Township, Lakes, Urich, Location, Settlement and Business, Schools and Churches, Political, Population, Big Creek, Its Streams and Woodlands, Its Original Boundary, Early Settlers, 1831, A Grand Old Township, Norris Forks, Churches, Schools and Lodges, Honey Creek, Boundary, Small Settlement, Population, Slow of Growth, Its Pioneers, Schools, Want of Progress, White Oak, The Smallest Township, Good Land and Water Plenty, Settled in 1838, Coal, Cyclone, Schools, Population

Chapter 30 – Walker, Davis and Pres. Blevins Townships
Walker, When Born, Its Area, When Settled, Dr. Amasa Jones, Some Family History, First School and Church, Items, Churches, In Memoriam, Rev. A. Sprague, Davis, When Located, Area and Population, Streams, Prairies and Woodland, Schools and Societies, LaDue, Its Birth, Business in 1872, Church, School, Business of 1883, Davis Township, First Settlers, her Growth and Prosperity, Pres Blevins A Discovery, New Township, It will Now Be Known, Gov. Blevins, His Powers, Etc.

Chapter 31 – Osage, Fairview and Bear Creek Townships
Osage, The Great Southeast, Who Settled It, Osage Township in 1858, Consville, Its Twin Sister, Metes and Bounds in 1858 and 1873, Corn and Stock, Population, Fire at Brownington, Churches, School, Business, Fairview, Central Locations, Its Streams, Woodland, Famous Ten Mile Prairie, Originally, The Organization of 1873, Old Settlers, Its Coal Fields, Railroad Facilities, Schools and Churches, Bear Creek, Metes, Bounds and Area, Water and Timber, Game, When Organized, School, Old Settlers, Progress, Its Future

Chapter 32 – Leesville, Springfield, Deer Creek and Bethlehem Townships
Leesville, A Township of 1873, Its Bounds, Pioneers of 1835 to 1840, Coal and Stone, Centennial 1876, Pioneer History, Old Time Implements, The First Church, Schools, Town of Leesville, When Founded and by Whom, Centennial Address, 1876 to 1883, Lodges, Colesburg, Items, Springfield, Before It Was a County, The Metes and Bounds of 1860 and 1873, Its Early Settlers, Mt. Olivet Church, Schools, Population, Coal, Stone, Deer Creek, First Settled, The New County Seat, Goff’s, Stores, Postoffice, The Field of Coal, Population, School and Churches, Lewis Station, First Building, Business, Shipping, Postmasters, Bethlehem, Organization, area, Fine Farms, Early Settlers, Its Churches, Their Progress, Items of Interest, Onward, Schools, Its Boundary